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bright pink lipstick day

Join celebrities in the quest for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer awareness. Upload a selfie today with the hashtag #brightpinklipstickday

Jess Hart for #brightpinklipstickday #pinkhopeaus #revlon

Olivia Wilde

Bright Pink Lipstick Day – The Facts:

In Australia, it’s believed that nearly a quarter of a million men and women carry a hereditary gene that put them at increased risk of breast, ovarian, prostate and other cancers. In 2007, Access Economics data revealed that one young high risk woman (under 65, if diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer) can cost the affected individual, their family and the healthcare system up to $1.75 million in their life-time. If you look at the estimated figures of 1000 young women at risk, the estimated cost of treating them in their lifetime would be over $1.5 billion! And that is only the physical cost; the emotional cost to these families who are affected year after year and generation after generation is enormous.

The government spends billions on cancer patients once they are diagnosed; all we want is an investment into prevention and education. We need to make it easier on families taking preventative action through genetic testing and surgery. There should be no out of pocket costs if we are saving money in the long term.”

Since Hollywood star Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a preventative double mastectomy, her voice and profile has brought much needed attention to the harsh reality of hereditary cancer – and her action to go public has meant that Pink Hope has experienced over a 700 per cent increase in families reaching out, and as a result is in desperate need of additional funding.

Pink Hope’s founder, Krystal Barter, was only 22 years old when she discovered she had the BRCA1 gene fault that gave her an 85 per cent chance of developing breast cancer and up to 65 per cent of ovarian cancer. Krystal says, “Whilst in hospital recovering, I found there really wasn’t anywhere for me to go for support or information, so I formed Pink Hope to help other families in a similar situation to my own.”

Video source: Budah PR/Pink Hope

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A Sneak Peak At Some Of Our New Arrivals

sunday newsletter

Stunning New Cameo on Pre Order at www.esther.com.au

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 6.29.09 PM




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mid week pretties

a few of our favourite things here from esther HQ xx


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Post Runway Report: The Bali Fashion Festival

TFF - Alexia Blake


The inaugural Bali Fashion Festival presented by The Stones Hotel Legian closed the festivities over the weekend with a party hosted by TATLER Indonesia magazine. The week-long event played host to a long list of Asian Pacific celebrities, socialites and talent from Australia including Michael and Lindy Klim and Casey Burgess.

Locals of the island and tourists from around the world indulged in a fashionable week of workshops, pop-up boutiques and world-class runway shows that featured some of the regions most established and emerging designers.

Leah De Gloria from Project Runway Australia opened The Fashion Festival with her beautiful couture collection, followed by Singaporean label, Gnossem. Balinese labels Uluwatu Lace, Arturro and Mr & Mrs Wardrobe lead the fashion pack and got the bloggers excited with their traditional prints and flowing ensembles, whilst Jakarta based label, FOXXY, sparkled with a touch of quirk.

Australia has been well represented with Shakuhachi, Story by Tang, BARE, State of Georgia and Pared eyewear showcasing their eclectic chic style. Shakuhachi introduced its Cyber-Barbarella range of Space-age grunge and floaty, feminine florals to an adoring crowd of hipsters and fashionistas. Models walked out in wistful prints and girlish silhouettes. Bomber jackets coated in a metallic sheen were paired with playful floral camisoles, figure-hugging patent bustiers mimicked the construction of cosmic-armour – offset by floral kimonos, crisp white blazers and delicate printed organza.

Nicholas Meimaris, MD & Creative Director for MGroup who produced The Fashion Festival, was thrilled with the activity, “From the original concept of creating an integrated fashion event that would

showcase the Pan Pacific region’s emerging and established designers to Bali’s industry and travel audience – it’s exciting to see the Festival come together. The island has become a melting pot of designers, celebrities and artists that have been able to engage and enjoy each other’s creativity.”

The Fashion Festival has been a stunning showcase of fashion, beauty, style and culture with stunning Indonesian models hair styled by internationally renowned stylist Rob Peetoom.

Meimaris concluded, “We plan to make the event the hero fashion festival for the region and continue to offer our audience and guests an exciting opportunity to experience an international runway production!”


ANG_20130828_The Fashion Festival_The Stones Kuta_76ANG_20130829_The Fashion Festival_119


Casey Burgess in Shakuhachi Bamboo Blonde girls

Source: www.thefashionfestival.com // www.budahpr.com


Aztec Arise


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Gorgeous blogger ejmaxwell wears our pretty please pants. Oriental print is a hit this season. Shop the look now at www.esther.com.au



tumblr_m53kxy8luk1r5cak5o1_500-1 2d10d310e120c6ed2f89a49feaf16763-1 tumblr_mo657eRwpf1qei7a7o1_500 tumblr_mnwspun9CS1qdt2k3o1_500 tumblr_m15u1gTQtb1qbw1eyo1_500 e1d033a92b8b1807d45f1b1fabb4d597tumblr_m088rejvod1qa3t1do1_1280 tumblr_mh1u5cxAyY1qhegr1o1_500 tumblr_mmye0x7P8b1r7lpj3o1_5003489589639_90f5af1d21 tumblr_m5cxr4SBtC1qajnsxo1_1280 tumblr_mp15hmO5nl1qzcwtqo1_500 6afdf7691d9702df89f7164f6785c01f a56965c1da1f2b974bf7005814788b7atumblr_mo8udsOrnb1r3t3smo1_500 tumblr_mlgkl4x6BY1r67k9io1_500 c34aa417fe83662aaf79f2083ab2e947fcfe06bccd14d7981fdedf78d303e45dSelena Gomez goes retro for a video shoot - Part 2 ae1caf689cf1cd9260df6a3fd9d0c757 a3107ac2379049ff4d74bbaad5c431e5 tumblr_mmhhtqisA41r6960ko1_500 89032948f2849b22b2ec6c7b01dda2ce tumblr_moxggrLjD71qmrsvbo1_500 c8f81f1f7d71da6886db43988ea4ea1e 4929256d4985d3bf45aa3864694386f2tumblr_lzefld3KyQ1r5a2jto1_500 996e1db6387ae6b895f1b3695eb20a54 152348399864154120_B7zMHCor_c tumblr_mo3dagMIrn1qfrtudo1_500 ef6fd835bed616cb48ab4144d5be6a40 tumblr_m0hrr8g08X1qdebj5o1_1280 tumblr_m6l9ikzFei1r3217to1_1280tumblr_mewjjcnsN91qa431co1_1280 d42f84805d70d2a6c3f050203cc0d227

SOURCES: http://prada-casting.tumblr.com, http://femme-belle.tumblr.com, http://fashioninmysoul.tumblr.com, http://merah-jambu.tumblr.com, http://chanelbagsandcigarettedrags.net, http://kidssclub.tumblr.com, http://sleep-dream-repeat.tumblr.com, http://glamorousinwonderland.tumblr.com, http://bubbelsoda.tumblr.com, http://dietcokeandasmoke.tumblr.com, http://whoaaanellie.tumblr.com, http://fashionflorence.tumblr.com, http://salad-eyes.tumblr.com

With love,

The Esther Team x




The gorgeous girls from WhenWordsFail wear our hear me shout mini, willow shirt & jewel cocktail dress



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Must have tunics

newsletter_HEADING newsletter_TUNICS01 newsletter_TUNICS02

TUNICS – A comfortable solution for casual elegance. An easy to wear tunic is the perfect wardrobe solution for all occasions. Team it with a structured heel or wedge for the office, and slip on your favourite stilettos to take the look into the evening. Sport a sunday look with a pair of flats and a wide brimmed hat. To add structure to your tunic, simply cinch the waist with a waist belt for extra curve. Pair with tights, leather pants or jeans when there is a cool change in the air.

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